Changing the world together is the slogan behind the cooperative's project. Working with several partners enables us to pursue joint projects and support each other. We look forward to introducing you to these partners. If you are interested in a partnership with the HABITAT ALGARVE, contact us.

Our Partners

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Foodforest design

Sandra & Michael

We are Sandra and Michael and have been working with permaculture since 2011. We planted a forest garden on our property in Portugal in just under 5 years and have since been concerned with the sustainability, meaningfulness and usability of a forest garden.

Today, we support people in different regions to put their green project into practice.

A Foodforest- garden is a low-maintenance and sustainable ecosystem that provides people with food. Both fruit and nut trees, shrubs and herbs, vines and various vegetables find their place here. In this way, a sustainable, healthy cycle is created in harmony with people, animals and nature.

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