Why we chose four-legged
fellows to

live with us

Animals play a central role in self-sufficiency. Not only to provide milk, eggs and compost, but they also help to keep nature in balance.

They fertilize the soil, eat weeds and destroy pests.

We have set up a whole level for our small farm and our animals have a large run in which they can move freely.

It’s great to be with the animals, especially early in the morning or in the evening just before sunset. The goats have such a peaceful atmosphere! When you milk a goat, it’s a super intimate affair. Working so closely with an animal every day creates a very special bond.



If you consider the popular notion of a “romantic” farm, which should be considered a classic model for a self-sustainable farm, which makes perfect sense, it houses a large number of animal species. And keeping animals really makes sense in many ways too.
First of all, these animals naturally provide all products that benefit people in a variety of ways, or in the case of dogs, cats and workhorses, they provide “services” that are useful to people.
Second, these animals complement each other in a surprising way … Take a fallow piece of land: First we send the goats and donkeys in … The donkey eat the long grass, while the goats take care that young  bushes didnt capture the land and kill the brambles.

After them come the chickens, peacocks and ducks. They feed on insects and seeds that nature echoes ready enough. They scrape in the ground and thund and loosen the first layers.

By the way, they all fertilize the land together, creating fertile soil.

Bees fly in swarms, fertilize the fruit trees and vegetables and also provide excellent honey for the tea you pick yourself.

This cycle means a lot of responsibility, but it is definitely worth it.



introduce of the herd



I’ve actually been there since the beginning. After a difficult start in life, I was brought from the two of them from a shelter near the Santa Clara lake called “Finca Esperanza“.
Actually, I chose the two of them and I’m happy to have finally found my forever place.
Usually I chill all day my life here in my new home and lie in the shade of the trees. At night, however, I am on the alert and take care that the wild boars do not come too close to our land and that they do not also roam the vegetable patch.



Hey there

I am the Gipsy, I know that I am spoiled because I´m just easy to loveable and I use this wherever I can. … but psst … don´t tell them.

In 2016 I came to my humans when they were still living in Zurich and, due to terrible circumstances, they took me from a shelter in Romania when I were only 8 months old and explained the world to me. Unfortunately  I didn’t know anything and was basically afraid of everything. They took me on a big tour across Europe and taught me to deal with a wide variety of situations. But then I really revived here in my little habitat.





I belong to an old Portuguese breed and there are not many of my kind left.
I am still very young and would like to learn a lot. But sometimes I am too wild and boisterous or just the opposite. Stubborn… like a… Donkey


horned Herd

The little Milk, Cheese and Whey production unit.

We are also responsible for the maintenance of the landscape and keep the brambles and the undergrowth small, although such young shoots of the orange tree are taken at every opportunity aswell. Most of the time we listen to our humans and know our names very well, but sometimes we are just stubborn and prefer to snack on young trees.




Phoenix &
Lady Marmelete

All day long we do nothing but look pretty good and steal a leaf of cabbage here and there.

who were a little crazy


We make sure that there aren’t too many insects and wild seeds on the land and we produce the best eggs. Thanks to our freedom and natural nutrition, they taste particularly good.

A swarm of Bees


We are wild bees and fly around in thousands and thousands and are very happy that there is a variety of delicious pollen on this piece of land. This was unfortunately not the case for a long time. Among other things we are responsible for the pollination of the young and old fruit trees, but we also like to spend time in the large vegetable garden

Join us and be A