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The Habitat

a unique spot for everyone  who is looking for that special vacation. Sustainability, coming back to our roots, living healthy in and with nature and no-waste are our top priorities. We want to promote and expand sustainable eco-tourism with our habitat. We create an unforgettable stay and memories. We want to offer our guests a unique experience and show how a sustainable vacation without sacrificing, but connected with nature and sustainable is possible.

YOUR Eco-Vacation


Escape the stress. Leave everyday life behind and relax.

Let your mind wander and simply enjoy nature.

Your unique stay in the HABITAT  is waiting for you.
What could be nicer than to be woken up in the morning in peace and quiet, with noises in the midst of nature by a multitude of birds and the first rays of sunshine and in the evening to fall asleep with the crickets under a breathtaking starry sky.
To be able to read the long-awaited book in peace under old cork oaks in a comfortable chair in the middle of a lush forest forest surrounded by greenery. Go on a discovery tour in the habitat and rediscover the beauty of nature.

These are only excerpts from a unique vacation with us

Because life is too short for non-unique holidays

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Our unique

Business Concept

The real ECO-Vacation-Experience

Live innovative sustainability and create a concept that enables sustainable travel.

In our operating concept, nature with all its diversity is at the center and we as humans are part of it. We try to close the natural circle in all parts and processes. That means, we produce a large part of the food for our guests and ourselves, or at least purchase very regionally from neighbours, friends and local farmers. In this case we and you as our Guests support the entire infrastructure.

The “no plastic” concept and the return of organic waste into the natural cycle round off this process.

Our guest experiences a holiday close to nature and at the same time gets the chance to give something back to it. The income from the accommodation flows into the project expansion and the construction and recultivation of the land. We want to give nature the freedom to grow again and find its way back into a great diversity of species. To remove the monoculture in the form of eucalyptus trees and to reforest. We are aware that it will be a long way to go before we reach our goal. However, we are confident that we can achieve this.

What could be nicer than knowing that you can enjoy an unforgettable sustainably vacation  and without a bad conscience towards the environment and at the same time you help  to create a habitat for humans, nature and animals in a microclimate surrounding. That´s a real eco-vacation experiance.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you to the habitat.

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Inspired and close to Nature

Keeping your stay as natural as possible and giving nature its freedom are our top priorities. The center is our large, newly created food forest with an integrated permaculture garden. This feeds us and our guests seasonally all year round and sometimes helps to maintain the sensitive ecosystem and ensure sustainable holidays. Live in harmony with nature. We present ourselves inspired by nature

Nature Lodges

Switch off and arrive in a little paradise. Our habitat. Let your soul dangle in our high quality furnished, very comfortable lodges.

Wake up in nature and start the day relaxed and not have to think about what is coming next and just let yourself go.

This is vacation.

Homemade Food and Products

Today it is even more important to get back to our roots. One factor for us is to become more independent from trade. We attach great importance to produce as much as possible ourselves. Whether it is the large variety of vegetables and fruits from our garden, our own bread, fresh goat cheese or homemade soap and detergent, even fertilizer. Furthermore we try out a lot and always try to find new ways to produce something ourselves.
We know exactly what the ingredients are and save a lot of long delivery routes and packaging waste.

No waste

Tourists cause around fourteen percent of the world’s municipal waste – according to an estimate by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This puts a particular strain on those municipalities whose economy is largely based on tourism. Europe is particularly affected: of the one point one billion tourist arrivals worldwide, six hundred million come from Europe alone (UNWTO estimate).


Let’s start rethinking and living sustainable tourism



No Chemicals

Whole areas are affected by chemicals. Farmers use pesticides to make the grain grow faster or inedible to insects. We have chosen a 100% sustainable and natural way. We do not use chemicals on our vegetables, trees or in the household. Everything we use is biodegradable and most of it is actually produced by us.


Save Water

From a global perspective, it´s very important that each of us contributes to saving water in daily use. However, this is all the more important in very dry areas and countries. Portugal, especially the southern regions such as the Algarve and the Alentejo, is very much affected by the water shortage during the hot summer. We attach great importance to saving water and especially to recycling and reusing water. A big saving factor are among other things our compost toilets, the greywater from kitchen and shower is filtered from various roots and layers of earth and supplies among other things our Foodforest and the vegetable garden.


How many more food scandals, inscrutable lists of ingredients and reports of animal despicable husbandry methods will it take before the rethinking in our society leads to action? Together we can take a step forward: whether as allotment gardeners, keepers of farm animals or self-sufficient farmers.

We here try to produce as much as possible ourselves. Whether it’s preserving vegetables, juices, cheese or even detergents and soaps. Our chickens give us eggs, from our garden we can harvest sponges, from the willow trees along the river we can make our own baskets and we use our trees in the forest as construction wood.

We grow our own




drawn by Lion Zirsch


Camping and Luxury is the new vacation that gives the feeling of belonging to the free.
These are the characteristics of our lodges, which have been furnished with great attention to detail.

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unique Wooden


Luxury wooden Cabins in Nature. 

Lie in bed and watch the stars. Even though you are in the bungalow, this unique shape gives you the feeling, of sleeping outside in the middle of nature. Framed by trees and the sound of birds will give you the feeling of freedom.

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an unforgettable experience


Our dinner concept holds many surprises in store. One of them is the “Farmerstable”. 

This unforgettable experience invites you to join in. A large selection of different vegetables in different preparations are waiting for you. Fresh bread from our own oven and Homemade IceTeas are waiting for you. Let us surprise you with a huge amount of Dinning- Topics to indulge you during your stay.



We grow a variety of foods in our garden, which can also be found on our breakfast buffet. The eggs cannot be fresher. Daily they were delivered from our own happy chickens. The smell off Homemade Bread and the goats provide the milk for cheese and yoghurt products. Bees are working in an intact Habitat for honey. Homemade Iceteas and Juices are available to you all day. If you get hungry, there are different bowls rich in energy. A wide range of drinks and regional wines complete this offer.




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