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is located in the golden triangle of the south-westernmost region of Europe.

Close to the most beautiful beaches in the south, the best hiking routes in the east and the untouched, wild and romantic west coast.

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Hiking Network

This hiking network extends over the entire south-west of Portugal. The Via Algarviana hiking trail leads right past us and connects Marmelete with the well-known Foia and Monchique hiking network, the well-known Arab colony Aljezur and Bensafrim and at the southwestern end Sagres where the world-famous Rota da Costa Vicentina hiking trail starts.

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The south and westcoast can be reached so quickly from here and are so fundamentally different.

The south coast is known for it´s cliffs and abstract rock formations in yellow and red tones. In between you will find countless beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear water.
From hidden, secluded bays to lively promenades, everyone can find their own favourite beach.

The west coast is wildly romantic by comparison. Here you can’t feel the bustle of the more southern beaches yet and every beach here has its own atmosphere and is beautiful. The west coast is well known by surfers, and there is also a great hiking trail leading along here.

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You love the water and the waves? You are a surfer or you want to try it? Now is the right time to start something new.
We have the good fortune to work together with some of the best surf schools in the area.
And if you’re a pro but prefer to travel light, we can provide you with surfboards and wetsuits.

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The Fóia is located in the Serra de Monchique mountains in the north of the Algarve. From the 902-metre-high mountain you have a magnificent view of the entire coast of the Algarve.



The small and traditional village belongs to the municipality of Monchique and is located in the south-western foothills of the highest mountains in the Algarve. It has only 5.6 inhabitants per square kilometer. There are small coffee-bars and restaurants. 

And while you are here you can visit the museum for the famous Medronho. This special aquardente is quite famous in this area and made  out of the fruits of the strawberrytree, which grows everywhere here.



The white houses of Aljezur stretch from the river up the hillside to the walls of the castle.
Surrounded by green hills and wide valleys that stretch from the mountains in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west.
In the middle of Aljezur, the two small rivers Ribeira das Cercas and Ribeira das Alfambas meet to form Ribeira de Aljezur.
It was probably the Moors who founded Aljezur in the 9th century. They built a castle on the hill above the town and on the slopes of the river valley the white town was born.



Lagos is a fascinating city with breathtaking beaches, a characterful old town and an exciting nightlife. Lagos is an important city with a rich history. The many different historical sights and buildings bear witness to this eventful past. These include the beautiful church Igreja de Santo António, the Mercado dos Escravos (Europe’s first slave market) and the enchanting 17th century Bandeira Fortress.



Sagres is the westernmost town in the Algarve and a dream destination for holidaymakers who love the rugged beauty of nature. The region consists of massive cliffs and huge beaches, where the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash.
These mighty waves have long attracted experienced surfers to Sagres, and this has led to an unobtrusive, cool atmosphere in the town.



From the coast, it is impossible to imagine that a breathtaking cave is hidden in the middle of the Algarve’s rugged cliffs. Only when you observe the coastal landscape from the sea do two bulges on the beach shore become visible, which lead directly into the cave. From the inside, the centuries-old rocks reveal themselves in their most unusual and beautiful form. Almost all day long, sunbeams fall through the big breakthrough in the ceiling and let the rock formations of the cave shimmer gold.

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